Lanny Edward Jackson

Raised in Southside of Bessemer Housing Projects, Lanny attended Hard Elementary and Junior High School. He also attended J.S. Abrams High School, graduating in 1972. Lanny enlisted in the United States Army in 1972 and served his country for 21 years, retiring in 1993 as a First Sergeant/E-8.

Lanny received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Miles College in 2000 and an Associate's Degree in General Education from Troy University. Throughout Lanny's army and civilian career, he mastered training in administration and leadership courses. Lanny is currently employed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He has been married to his wife Carolyn for 44 years and they have two adult sons and seven granddaughters with the oldest living in Atlanta, GA.

Lanny has lived and traveled throughout the United States and the world. In addition, three years as a resident of Hawaii, the most diverse state in the US. When it comes to community, Lanny is a Master Mason, Scottish Rite and Shriner.

Why Am I Running For Mayor of Birmingham?

After decades of stagnation, it is time to move this city forward. The city has done a poor job increasing diversity and I am running to transform this city into an international city where all race of people are welcomed, economic development in all areas of the city, decrease crime and partner with colleges and universities and state and federal agencies to implement programs so that this city can compete with other cities in the US. I strongly believe that leadership is a process of influence to achieve certain goals or missions. I am running as Mayor of Birmingham to fill that leadership void that has been missing for a very long time.

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Our Plan for Birmingham

Global Economic Development

Change the culture from black and white to a diverse and inclusive community. People want to feel welcomed and things such as the giant confederate flags run potential businesses away; not only from Birmingham, but the state as well. The city has to move away from these issues which cause businesses to look elsewhere. It is crucial that we change the culture in Birmingham.

Reinventing the City's Image

My plan is for Birmingham to communicate throughout the United States and the world through 21st century communications. A more informative website and social media platforms designed to educate and showcase the physical attractiveness of the city, railroad accessibility, and access to major highways. Yes, we understand that Birmingham has issues with crime and previous administrations allowed various media outlets to publicly advertise crime in the city. This must stop!

Strategic Regional Transportation

We must reform our transportation system in the city and it will take all levels of government to make this happen. Our transportation system is obsolete and operates like transportation of the 20th century. Our International Airport operates like a municipal airport and we must change the way our transportation system operates.

Education & Partnerships

We must change our education system to be more innovative and 21st century friendly. My plan is to develop a strong partnership with state and federal agencies and colleges and universities to strengthen our local workforce and unions by retool and retrain processes, support small businesses for innovation research, work opportunity tax credits, and long-term strategic planning. We are very crucial in the promotion and advertising of our colleges and universities in this area.

Rehabilitation of Abandoned Homes

In regards to abandoned dilapidated homes around the city, my administration will create a partnership with the State of Alabama to shorten the time the city would be able to take over abandoned homes and the time used to track owners. In addition, working with the federal government for grants; alone with nonprofit organizations to have these homes that are structurally stable renovated for families who may qualify for low income home purchasing which increases Birmingham's population. Is the the Mayor and the citizens responsibility to keep the city beautified and if elected as Mayor, I will fulfill my mission of city beautification.

Regional Cooperation

The City of Birmingham resides in the largest county in the State, Jefferson County. However, Birmingham is surrounded by 32 smaller populated cities around the county. To provide strong leadership, regional cooperation is a must for the City of Birmingham and the seven counties: Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount, Bibb, Chilton, and St. Clair. Many smaller cities in these areas will have to be annexed by Birmingham or the regional counties in order to survive. If elected as mayor, I will push for regional cooperation which will benefit the regional as a whole for major highway improvements, economic development, and funding from the federal government that would be distributed equally among the region.


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